Camping in Lost Maples State Park

The last time my husband and I camped, in a tent, on the ground, we were in our mid-20s and much more agile! So when our friends invited our family to camp out with them and their kids at Lost Maples State Park, I immediately thought, “Does Tempur-Pedic make a camping mattress?” The kids were so excited when we rolled into the park – and even though it was late July, there was a gorgeous breeze that would roll in and rustle the beautiful maples. We managed to get the campfire going and had a blast roasting our kids’ favorite Blue Ribbon flavor – hot ‘n spicy — on sticks. I will always remember how wonderful it felt to see sheer delight on my kids’ and husband’s faces as they laughed around the campfire.

— J. Miller

Dawson Family Reunion

Growing up in a large family, manning the “Grill” was like a right of passage – and finally this year at the family reunion, it was my turn to man the grill! All those years of watching my 3 brothers and 2 sisters have all the fun was over… I was going to show them! I fired up the grill and served up a 3-pack of Blue Ribbon’s Texas Tradition Applewood Smoked Bacon Sausage! Yep, that’s right I said Bacon Sausage… let’s just say that I’ll be doing the cooking again next year!

— Tom D.

PTA Fall Festival Cook-Off

Many many thanks to the wonderful people at Blue Ribbon for all of the sausage and little smokies you donated for the school’s Fall Festival Cook off fundraiser. The event was a great success and we raised more money than expected. The grilled sausage and BBQ baked beans was one of the highlights of the evening and certainly attracted a HUGE crowd!

— Brea K.

Going to the Ranch

We live in Houston, so we really cherish it when we can make a break for our ranch, which is just under two hours out of town. That’s one thing we love about Texas – no matter where you live, the country is not too far away. We’ve had the ranch for a while now and have quite the menagerie of animals roaming around — a few longhorns, ducks, horses, wild hogs – and we love to entertain friends out there. We always keep a good stash of Blue Ribbon sausage handy. Besides the cold beer and relaxing scenery, grilling up a bunch of sausage is definitely part of our “must do at the ranch” routine.

Super Salad

Tuesday night was a super delish dinner night at our casa! I just called it “Super Salad Tuesday.” For our super salad night, I served a huge salad of mixed greens, chopped hard boiled eggs, shredded cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, salad dressings, chopped avocado, AND BLUE RIBBON BACON! Super Fab! Just my humble opinion here, but I think that bacon is essential to a good salad!

— Lauren H.

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