What You Got In Your Red Solo Cup?

Red solo cups are a fixture at any Texan gathering — and most often filled up with ice cold beer. A very fine choice indeed. However, we invite you to branch out and fill your cup up with these Texan twists on red solo cup favorites and unexpected concoctions. Remember to put your name on it first — because you’re going to have a lot of folks asking, “What you got in that red solo cup?”

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Here’s to a Blue Ribbon Texan Summer!

Summer in Texas is always an adventure — like finding parking spaces in the shade and breaking a sweat just walking from your house to the car. We Texans always make the most of it — as long as we have ice cold beer, a cool lake, beach or pool nearby, and some water balloons — it’s all good. Click to explore some fun ways to beat the heat — and enjoy a Blue Ribbon Texas Summer — even if it lasts until October.

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